Tuesday, September 23, 2008


As I said in my last post, I really like Tuesday.  Today is a Tuesday!  That means it had to be a good day, and it was!

This morning was not as nice as yesterday, but it was still nice and warm.  By 12 noon, though, the cool had swooped in.  It really felt like a fall afternoon.  I found it interesting that it coincided with the Autumnal Equinox.

I was given my assignment for my Spanish oral quiz thing on Thursday.  I need to talk for about 10 minutes about my life, at home, at Elon, in Costa Rica, things I like, don't like etc.  So, I am going to write it out, then talk to Toni and Laura to practice.

Today in my GST we did this really cool activity on perspective.  It felt like field trip because we went upstairs to Anthony's office where he set up Google Earth.  We traveled all around the world and to our houses.  Even from say, 3 miles up, things look very different.  Nothing is vivid.  From 10 miles up, it is a whole different story.  If you did not know any better, you wouldn't know that there were buildings, neighborhoods, and actual lives down there, both human and non human.  You can see how it is really easy to get wrapped up into our lives and not realize how big the rest of the world really is.  The same thing is happening all around the world, all the time.  Really, really cool.

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