Monday, September 29, 2008

Beginning the Week

Well, the day has finally passed.  I have been in Costa Rica for more than a month now because I left home on August 28th.  It is hard to tell how long a month has really been.  Sometimes, the days feel short, others long.  Similarly, the weeks can be long and short, depending upon the activity and my state of mind.  

This weekend, we went on the first Environmental Science field trip with the professor and a TA from UCR.  The TA was named Olivia.  She is a Master's student from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  She was so nice, so cool and just overall a blast.  She really has so much knowledge too.  I really learned a lot from her.  She is a very eclectic person because she could really talk about anything with anyone.  Really someone to look up to.

As far as the trip itself, it was short but fun.  We stayed hotelish rooms but it was really just cabins at the nature center thing that we stayed at.  We were right on the edge of a rainforest. We really spent most of our time there going on hikes, looking at bugs, looking for animals, and my favorite part, wading in the river getting samples of organisms.  

Perhaps the best part of the hike was seeing all the monkeys in the trees.  They however, did not like us.  They ended up spitting, throwing their food, and one even through a coconut size nut at us.  It felt like we were under artillery fire! So much fun, though

We saw tremendous wildlife.  We also heard a really interesting lecture about bats from an expert.  We even got to touch some bats that they had for research (don't worry, we let them go)

Great trip.

Tomorrow, I am going to a conference with Memo, where he will present all of my research that I have been doing for him.  Exciting stuff!

Juanes on Thursday!

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